Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well, yesterday we had the first real snowfall of the year in Vermont where we had more then a dusting.....It's a Winter wonderland today. Just finished the first dog walk of the day down on old route 30 a virtual heaven to walk dogs and it was truly beautiful this morning!. We have a 14 week old puppy we just adopted from a liter of 8 thrown on the side of the road in Arkansas. We love him to death and Charlie if you read an earlier newsletter we adopted in May same sort of situation but from Tennessee and he LOVES his new brother. Endless hours of playing . They we're tentative with the snow at first BUT now well they love it and they've already bellied up to the snow bar!
This Fall has brought lots of business most in the form of Octagons as you've probably already read from the previous blogs . I am just finishing (final tweaks) another Octagon in the Wildflowers design I will post it to my next blog. This week I will begin a Hexagon in the Venetian tile design
and starting canvas for a larger floorcloth to do simultaneously in the Feathers and Berries design which will be going to Gainesville FL big football town I believe!
Till the next post...Ciao