Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whats going on in Vt....

Grapes and Ivy Octagon finished ! We've done a textured border as you can see with a parchment style base coat all using a color that matched Marilyn's kitchen walls. I will start urethaning it tomorrow then off to Maryland.

I'm shrinking canvas for the next 2 projects as we speak. Another 6 ft Octagon with the Wildflowers design in colors that match Beth's,I believe, sun room.
Also, a 3x5 Borders and Squares design for Jeff in
Maryland we'll be using similar colors to the actual one you see on my web site along with a couple of colors that come very close to their walls in the enteway hopefully finished for Christmas......

Talking with Dee from Ct she's thinking about a Venetian tile design in a Hexagon shape
thats going to be fun!.

My most recent inquiry is from a lovely women in Florida with a wonderful Arts and Crafts style
home so we get to make one of my Arts and Crafts style designs in a nice 8x10 floorcloth
I can't wait of my most favorite styles.

Also, working on some new designs in between

Will keep you posted on all the projects as I progress on them if anyone has floorcloth questions or comments please don't hesitate to comment....Thank You

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Octagon Marathon!

The Autumn newsletter went out last week and received a flurry of activity . Been
very busy sending samples and making samples for new customers. I've made
progress in creating an Octagon in the Grapes and Ivy design. We've decided the grapes and
leaves will drape" sorta speak' toward the center. The border itself is a textured effect in a nice deep green color. The base color is a parchment effect in very pale greens one of which is her wall color. Shes really thrilled which is always nice to hear the whole effect will fit very nicely in her kitchen.

The next floorcloth on deck will be the Wildflowers design another Octagon. I've just sent out
a sample to her using the colors she picked that matched her decor . The flowers will be in reds and blues with green ferns. Half the sample had the background swirls and half without. It will be interesting to see, as with everyone I send samples to, which they choose....