Thursday, February 11, 2010

Venetian Tile 5ft Hexagon

Do you know when you just can't keep up with your life sometimes it's a little overwhelming.The reason you ask? wellllll
I could say "we" but that would be unfair to my husband really I decided to get two puppy''s a good reason why my life seems so disjointed! Don't you think!

We're very busy designing and producing(me and the puppy's) .I've just started making a lovely Allover Damask in 3 different shades of greens it match's my clients granite counter tops perfectly and they are very excited, the finished size will be 6ft3in x 10ft 10inches . I'm busy designing a new pineapple design for a lovely historic home in Massachusetts. It's sorta of an odd shape fitting snug into a corner. Will be a challenging project. Just starting to work on the details of a 12 ft runner from a delightful client in Indiana she's always wanted a floorcloth and just built a new home so this is her dream! A pleasure....

On February 25-28 I will be at The New England Home Show in Boston at the Trade Center
it's a very large event with lots of fantastic home improvement/renovation types of things. It also has a small (80 ) crafts exhibition, for the first time. Please, if your interested in seeing my floorcloths in person come to the show! Would be a pleasure to meet you.

On April 23-25 I will be at the Historic Home show at The Connecticut Expo Center in Hartford CT.It also includes the Designer Craftsman Show . It's really full of fabulous antiques,crafts and everything that has to do with your Historic, home mark your calendar!

The pictures are the floorcloths that have just recently been shipped off to their new homes thought you might like to see them..Enjoy!


Feathers and Berries 8 x 10 Glen Cole French Country 3x8ft