Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us once again, the start of the Holiday season as I see it....
Where I live our home is set up on a hill and our driveway is pretty long I always imagine
if I was REALLY into the ghosts and goblins scene our place would be the perfect spook driveway with a huge bubbling cauldron at the top with witches stirring it! and goblins coming out of the woods with eerie music...we'd be the talk of the town for the kids...
On to Thanksgiving and Christmas...never to early to start that Christmas shopping and what better gift then a floorcloth or make your own I have a 20% sale on blank floorcloths good till Nov 30th 2009. you could make one and give it as a gift.....
I've just begun another Octagon Floorcloth 80 inches in diameter it will be the Grapes and Ivy design in colors matching my clients decor she lives in MD and her name is Marilyn..love it.
I have another Octagon on tap my client and I are ironing out the details with a few samples so she can see what they would look like in her kitchen.
That's it for this week ....If your interested in Xmas gifts please shop early! Have a great week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Whats doing in my studio

Just finished two floorcloths and should be shipping this week and Octagon 7.5 in diameter
similar to the Red Paisley Octagon on my web site but with no Paisleys. Another 5x7 basic checkerboard matching the pale yellow walls of a client in VA. It must be Octagon month because I have 2 more to make after these go out......
I've just begun creating some new designs and will hopefully have them posted in the not too distant future. So, stay tuned...You have any thoughts on designs you'd like to see,please let me know!
Newsletter for the month is going out tomorrow if your not signed up please do ...I have some
savings coupons in it, anything helps these days!
I'm very thrilled to say we were written up in New England Home Mag. this month (Setp./Oct issue) by the Editor-in-chief himself Kyle Hoepner It's personal column pg 218 in case your looking! Thank You for the wonderful accolades Kyle!
Start thinking Holiday gift giving!!!!we'd love to help

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn in Vermont

Columbus day weekend is by far one of the busiest weekends in the State of Vermont....The foliage is at it's peak or very close to it. The restaurants and Inns are usually full to capacity. Stores have their annual tent sales and craft fairs are everywhere. It is the perfect time to visit Vermont and see all the wonderful artisians and their work, you can usually visit their studios if you call ahead...
Please, your more then welcome .... anytime, just call me and I'll give you directions. 802-874-7288...

At the moment you'd be able to see me finishing two large floorcloths a traditional black and pale yellow checkerboard pattern for a clients foyer in Virgina, we matched the pale yellow color exactly to her wall colors. I've also just finshed an Octagon with just the colors of the Paisley pattern clients have opted out of the design itself we again matched their wall colors so it blends nicely in their kitchen. When both of them are on their way we will be starting another Octagon with the Grapes and Ivy pattern using colors to match this clients kitchen also. So, if your in the area please stop by and check us out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What is a blog anyway?

I'm always reading other peoples blogs, like most of us do, I guess and wonder...well are they really personal notes or should they be business orientated. ...I presume, maybe I shouldn't that you'd like to hear about my floorcloths but then again maybe a little personal touch here and their would be a little more catching.......What are your thoughts on blogging?
The other thing about blogs is they DO spark my curiosity so I always click on someones blog but 9 times out of 10 the persons blog has not been written in since gosh knows when and I always think gosh why have a blog if your not going to use it........ I was pretty excited when I first started this blog...Well, you can see I have fallen completely into the realm I detest the most "why have a blog if your not going to use it"......Thus my new start and commitment to you my clients and friends to blogging once a week....I hope you help me stick to this schedule...Blog Back ..love to hear from you!
Next week see ya then