Sunday, April 10, 2011

Voila.....Springs here!!! With it a new design

Voila,........ Springs new Artichoke Design created for Lisa in Arlington VA......the smaller is a 4 x4 and the larger a 5 x 5 to fit exactly where she wants them and the colors we matched to her decor! As you can see from our last blog post
We finish with 5 coats of varnish, let it dry and ship them to her.

This I hope has given you an understanding of how ordering a floorcloth from Dunberry Hill
works . Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

We'd love to make one for you!

Ciao and Happy Spring finally!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day!

Beginning the floorcloth process with Dunberry Hill Designs..........

You've just contacted me about your interest for a floorcloth thru my Contact /Inquiry Page. Not sure whats going to happen next?
Let me show you!
I will begin by sending you
*Color swatches
*General info letter
*My business Postcard/&Pen
*Samples of designs your interested in, see top of the picture.

Next step

After you've chosen the colors that you like, and picked the design you prefer. We'll make you a sample much like the one shown here.
This sample happens to be exactly the same size as the floorcloth the clients wants 5 x 5.(only on paper). We used the colors the client choose and a new design we developed just for her.

And Then

We've begun her floorcloth ...actually 2
5 x 5 and a 4x4. Both similar designs different
borders . I didn't show you, but on the paper sample
(above) the reverse side was the 4 x 4 sample
All samples and design work come with the price of the floorcloth no extra charges or hidden fee's.

Stay tuned for the next blog for the finished product.....