Friday, April 30, 2010

Open Studio

Through out the entire state of Vermont, for the Artisans that choose to participate
it's Open Studio Memorial Day weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday
the 29 th and 30 th from 10:00 to 5:00 all 268 (this year) Artists open their studios
to visitors. Displays of their crafts are for sale but some also
demonstrate the process it takes to make it.Please, if your in Vermont stop by my
studio and say "hello" would love to see you! If you'd like a map of all the studios
open please call or email me I would be glad to send one to you!

Newest Venetian Tile design floorcloth
The colors are classic and work so well
together. It's going to Ohio in a newly
painted foyer the colors match perfectly
We look forward to the pictures in situ


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steps to creating the floorcloth you'll love

First thing to consider is placement. A floorcloth can go anywhere, some of the most frequent places are in the dinning room, in front of the kitchen sink or in the foyer or hall.
Second thing to consider are your dimensions. Simply measure the space, you are not limited to standard rug sizes we can accommodate any dimension.
Third element to consider is color. Look around at your wall colors,trim colors , upholstery,wallpaper,tile any of the colors in that space we can match or blend into the floorcloths design. I'll send you color swatches to help in the decision process.
The fourth thing to consider is the design itself. You can pick from the floorcloth gallery on my web site, or you might have a pattern you love from your upholstery, curtains or wherever . We now take your colors along with the design and make samples, that you can actually put in your home.

Bringing all the elements together colors,design,size we can create samples we can change, rearrange until we have the perfect floorcloth just for your home.

We have lots of fun doing this with every us an join the fun!