Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just reading online Yahoo morning news article headline with picture attached "Top 10 states you may not want to retire in" due to the very high property tax's. The picture with the article was very familiar and I realized in was a home in Manchester a town close to where I live. OMG  I clicked and their we were #4 state of Vermont....followed closely by CT,MA,RI, rounding out the bottom 5 with ME and NY ...I think I'm all boxed in. Just doesn't seem right somehow...

Back to the beauty in life ....The Feathers and Berries Design to the left was my most popular design in 2011 hands down...looks so perfect their.... love it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Venetian Tile Design

This floorcloth has been "hands down" one of my most popular designs since I  started making floorcloths 8 years ago. We've made it in many different color schemes to match each clients decor, a lot of which you can view right on this web site in :"The Clients Gallery"

In this particular floorlcoth we created a new twist to the outside border. We've taken some of the design elements in the center square motifs and reconfigured them to create a unique element of detail in the outside border. I think it adds a nice flair to the floorcloth over all . We've created it to match Pamela's decor and she thinks "It's wonderful".

Are you ready for a floorcloth ?....Please fill out the inquiry form to get started we look forward to creating a unique design for YOU!

Ciao Cameron