Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Design

A simple beautiful new design for us at Dunberry Hill . Jan and Mike picked these soft warm colors to match their decor . We based coated with a soft off white/cream and the alternating squares are a Cushing Green. The design on the border and squares are a taupe color along with a very deep
red (historical color called Plantation Red). We finished with black borders to give it all a very sharp /crisp look. The size is 6ft10 x 9ft 3 made with a very durable 100% cotton duck canvas #4 . Will soon be on it's way to it's new home in Massachusetts and we're hoping for an "in-situ" photo to share with you soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Feathers and Berries goes Octagon!

A great Octagon going to Md to a very sweet Bungalow.
This is 8 ft x 8 ft we measure point to point. and the squares are 9 inch in diameter making them fit almost perfectly in this space with a 8 inch
wide border. The lighter squares are a rag off textured effects which gives the floorcloth a lot of depth . we have highlights on the design motifs and the berries.
Was made with 100% cotton Duck Canvas #4 weight finished with 5 coats of a very durable

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Feathers and Berries

Thought I 'd share with you how fantastic this floorcloth
looks in it's new home! It's the Feathers and Berries design
and it's 14 ft long!Residing in the mountains of MD.....

Thank you for sharing Sam.

New web site coming soon


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Running Diamonds

Today I completed this lovely floorcloth for a couple in Alaska (somewhere I've always wanted to visit). The thought of delivering it to them myself has crossed my mind..
We matched the colors in their kitchen and the pattern of the diamonds is something that is on their kitchen door so they realized when I sent samples that this was the pattern that worked for them. The colors themselves greens,blues,and
yellow work extremely well together.5 coats of varnish and off to Alaska!

My studio will be open thru the Foliage season here in Vermont if your in the area please feel free to stop by, love to see you.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

14 feet long a big one!

This floorcloth is The Feathers and Berries design which seems to be a big hit as of late.
We will be shipping it soon to a lovely spot
in the mountains of Virginia. It is a 14ft x 9ft floorcloth and I believe it will be in a big open area kitchen /dinning room hopefully we'll get some "in situ' photos to share with you in the next blog.

Meanwhile, we have a few other pieces in the works and a new web site which I hope will be up and running this Fall sometime we are very excited!

One other note for your calendar we will be in Massachusetts this October for a craft fair stay tuned for details.

Ciao for now

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Floorcloths "In Situ"

Thought I'd share a few photos of recent floorcloths I've made, in the actual homes of my clients. This is the most exhilarating part for me,l and the client has now achieved that great new look in her home. We do a lot of back and forth with sampling and matching colors before we actually produce the floorcloth making the finished floorcloth really even more rewarding for me and my client. Enjoy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A lovely 6.8 x 8.8 floorcloth the very first I could hand deliver. To a beautiful old historic home in Grafton Vermont. The customers can not be nicer and it looks lovely in the bedroom Mark spent his childhood growing up in. The colors are a Georgian brick and Antique yellow blending with the painted wide pine floor boards nicely.
Thank you to Helga and Mark....Enjoy!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Sizzlin" Summer

The floorcloth to the right is the Running Diamonds design. We matched our clients colors of blues, greens and yellows.The base is done in a parchment style effect in shades of blues. We're looking forward to seeing the picture" in situ" in her lovely foyer.

The floorcloth to the left is the traditional Pineapple design for a lovely couple in Virginia they are putting it in their kitchen I believe. With a full complement of dogs and kids perfect for a floorcloths durability!

The French Country design in a lovely rag off blue to match my clients kitchen counter top's. The beige and red colors match a wing back chair that's in her kitchen. Will share the "in situ' pictures when we receive them....

So, far Summer is sizzilin both in work and temp's .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good morning to all that reads this little blip.....We're a little behind
I mean well but can never quite get to blogging.

The Open Studio in Vermont over Memorial Day weekend was a huge success
I was pleasantly surprised by all the very interesting people that stopped by to
see what I was working on. We had both studios open with many projects going in
all different phases of completion along with my tent exhibiting many of my designs.
The weather cooperated and so did my dogs!

Just finished this 9.5 x 8 ft elongated Octagon I guess you could say. It's a slight adaptation
of the Durant design which is an an old historical stencil in Mr. Edward Durant's home I believe in Massachusetts's. It will be going to Maine to a very old historical home the perfect place. Stay tuned for pictures "in situ".

An"in situ" photo of the Venetian Tile design (posted in last blog).
Created to match Jan's decor in her foyer....WOW looks terrific their

Many projects on tap so stay tuned.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Open Studio

Through out the entire state of Vermont, for the Artisans that choose to participate
it's Open Studio Memorial Day weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday
the 29 th and 30 th from 10:00 to 5:00 all 268 (this year) Artists open their studios
to visitors. Displays of their crafts are for sale but some also
demonstrate the process it takes to make it.Please, if your in Vermont stop by my
studio and say "hello" would love to see you! If you'd like a map of all the studios
open please call or email me I would be glad to send one to you!

Newest Venetian Tile design floorcloth
The colors are classic and work so well
together. It's going to Ohio in a newly
painted foyer the colors match perfectly
We look forward to the pictures in situ


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steps to creating the floorcloth you'll love

First thing to consider is placement. A floorcloth can go anywhere, some of the most frequent places are in the dinning room, in front of the kitchen sink or in the foyer or hall.
Second thing to consider are your dimensions. Simply measure the space, you are not limited to standard rug sizes we can accommodate any dimension.
Third element to consider is color. Look around at your wall colors,trim colors , upholstery,wallpaper,tile any of the colors in that space we can match or blend into the floorcloths design. I'll send you color swatches to help in the decision process.
The fourth thing to consider is the design itself. You can pick from the floorcloth gallery on my web site, or you might have a pattern you love from your upholstery, curtains or wherever . We now take your colors along with the design and make samples, that you can actually put in your home.

Bringing all the elements together colors,design,size we can create samples we can change, rearrange until we have the perfect floorcloth just for your home.

We have lots of fun doing this with every us an join the fun!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The quality of a floorcloth......

Shopping for a floorcloth is really quite the same as shopping for an
appliance or furniture,curtains or even a car you look for one that's going to last
be durable and is something you really like.
Not ever floorcloth is made the same.
Important facts you should consider prior to buying a floorcloth would be:

What type of canvas and the quality of the canvas and if you can get a sample of it.
How the edges and corners of the floorcloth are finished... Sewn ? Glued ? Will they fray over time?
How the canvas is shrunk you don't want ripples. You want a smooth, laying flat on your floor,
Ever floorcloth maker has their own little techniques just like every chef makes bouillabaisse differently or whatever, it's their own unique style. It sets you apart from everyone else.

Remember the quality of the ingredients has a direct influence on the durability and life of your floorcloth. So, when you are shopping for a floorcloth don't let the price or the design be your only guide to buying it .
Quality ingredients =quality floorcloth and probably a tad bit more $...
Food for thought!

Ciao Cameron

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is Springing!

Sap season is in full swing in Vermont ....The snow is gradually melting we have 1-2 feet instead of 3-4 feet in the back yard. May see the ground very soon with the beautiful weather we have on tap this week....lots of vitamin D.

We finished this lovely "Allover Teardrop Design" on the left, in 3 different greens . It's finished size is 75 x 130. It's going in a kitchen in Maryland. Matching their granite counter tops perfectly.

Our next project is matching this lovely homes decor(photo on right)with a floorlcoth that will be an exact size to fit the corner under the table. Where in sample"mode" at the moment and am waiting their thoughts on some new pineapple designs.

Our next show is in Hartford Ct in April 23,24,25th The Historical Home Show at the Expo Center. It's a perfect opportunity to see our floorcloths!

Ciao Cameron

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Venetian Tile 5ft Hexagon

Do you know when you just can't keep up with your life sometimes it's a little overwhelming.The reason you ask? wellllll
I could say "we" but that would be unfair to my husband really I decided to get two puppy''s a good reason why my life seems so disjointed! Don't you think!

We're very busy designing and producing(me and the puppy's) .I've just started making a lovely Allover Damask in 3 different shades of greens it match's my clients granite counter tops perfectly and they are very excited, the finished size will be 6ft3in x 10ft 10inches . I'm busy designing a new pineapple design for a lovely historic home in Massachusetts. It's sorta of an odd shape fitting snug into a corner. Will be a challenging project. Just starting to work on the details of a 12 ft runner from a delightful client in Indiana she's always wanted a floorcloth and just built a new home so this is her dream! A pleasure....

On February 25-28 I will be at The New England Home Show in Boston at the Trade Center
it's a very large event with lots of fantastic home improvement/renovation types of things. It also has a small (80 ) crafts exhibition, for the first time. Please, if your interested in seeing my floorcloths in person come to the show! Would be a pleasure to meet you.

On April 23-25 I will be at the Historic Home show at The Connecticut Expo Center in Hartford CT.It also includes the Designer Craftsman Show . It's really full of fabulous antiques,crafts and everything that has to do with your Historic, home mark your calendar!

The pictures are the floorcloths that have just recently been shipped off to their new homes thought you might like to see them..Enjoy!


Feathers and Berries 8 x 10 Glen Cole French Country 3x8ft

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year

Somehow time has just escaped me as far as this blog goes . Not sure how everyone keeps up with not only blogs but facebook now tweeter personally it's everything I can do to keep up with e-mails....sorry you won't be finding me on facebook or tweeter anytime soon!
Holidays were really busy had a wonderful family Holiday with my family then my husbands mother and father's 50th wedding anniversary that brought his whole family together for like 5 days wooohaaa lots of food and cooking.
January 3 rd rolls by and was catch up time work wise , the relaxing after the holidays has yet to stop by my house....
We packed up and sent off the Hexagon "Venetian Tile Design" and the Octagon "Wildflowers Design" please go to my clients gallery and they are posted for your viewing
Meanwhile, were working on a 8x10 Feathers and Berries ,3x8 Runner in the French Country design and another Feathers and Berries 4x6. Where busy....yeah!
I have a show coming up in February for all you that live in the New England area it's in Boston
The New England Home Show February 25-28 at the Seaport World trade Center hope you can stop by if your in the area.
Also, The Historical Home Show/Designer Craftsman Show a really fantastic show at the Hartford Expo Center (changed it's home this year last year was in Sturbridge MA) April 23,24,25 mark your calendars . Would love to see at either of the shows.
Will be updating again soon so check back to see whats new.