Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well, yesterday we had the first real snowfall of the year in Vermont where we had more then a dusting.....It's a Winter wonderland today. Just finished the first dog walk of the day down on old route 30 a virtual heaven to walk dogs and it was truly beautiful this morning!. We have a 14 week old puppy we just adopted from a liter of 8 thrown on the side of the road in Arkansas. We love him to death and Charlie if you read an earlier newsletter we adopted in May same sort of situation but from Tennessee and he LOVES his new brother. Endless hours of playing . They we're tentative with the snow at first BUT now well they love it and they've already bellied up to the snow bar!
This Fall has brought lots of business most in the form of Octagons as you've probably already read from the previous blogs . I am just finishing (final tweaks) another Octagon in the Wildflowers design I will post it to my next blog. This week I will begin a Hexagon in the Venetian tile design
and starting canvas for a larger floorcloth to do simultaneously in the Feathers and Berries design which will be going to Gainesville FL big football town I believe!
Till the next post...Ciao

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whats going on in Vt....

Grapes and Ivy Octagon finished ! We've done a textured border as you can see with a parchment style base coat all using a color that matched Marilyn's kitchen walls. I will start urethaning it tomorrow then off to Maryland.

I'm shrinking canvas for the next 2 projects as we speak. Another 6 ft Octagon with the Wildflowers design in colors that match Beth's,I believe, sun room.
Also, a 3x5 Borders and Squares design for Jeff in
Maryland we'll be using similar colors to the actual one you see on my web site along with a couple of colors that come very close to their walls in the enteway hopefully finished for Christmas......

Talking with Dee from Ct she's thinking about a Venetian tile design in a Hexagon shape
thats going to be fun!.

My most recent inquiry is from a lovely women in Florida with a wonderful Arts and Crafts style
home so we get to make one of my Arts and Crafts style designs in a nice 8x10 floorcloth
I can't wait of my most favorite styles.

Also, working on some new designs in between

Will keep you posted on all the projects as I progress on them if anyone has floorcloth questions or comments please don't hesitate to comment....Thank You

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Octagon Marathon!

The Autumn newsletter went out last week and received a flurry of activity . Been
very busy sending samples and making samples for new customers. I've made
progress in creating an Octagon in the Grapes and Ivy design. We've decided the grapes and
leaves will drape" sorta speak' toward the center. The border itself is a textured effect in a nice deep green color. The base color is a parchment effect in very pale greens one of which is her wall color. Shes really thrilled which is always nice to hear the whole effect will fit very nicely in her kitchen.

The next floorcloth on deck will be the Wildflowers design another Octagon. I've just sent out
a sample to her using the colors she picked that matched her decor . The flowers will be in reds and blues with green ferns. Half the sample had the background swirls and half without. It will be interesting to see, as with everyone I send samples to, which they choose....


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us once again, the start of the Holiday season as I see it....
Where I live our home is set up on a hill and our driveway is pretty long I always imagine
if I was REALLY into the ghosts and goblins scene our place would be the perfect spook driveway with a huge bubbling cauldron at the top with witches stirring it! and goblins coming out of the woods with eerie music...we'd be the talk of the town for the kids...
On to Thanksgiving and Christmas...never to early to start that Christmas shopping and what better gift then a floorcloth or make your own I have a 20% sale on blank floorcloths good till Nov 30th 2009. you could make one and give it as a gift.....
I've just begun another Octagon Floorcloth 80 inches in diameter it will be the Grapes and Ivy design in colors matching my clients decor she lives in MD and her name is it.
I have another Octagon on tap my client and I are ironing out the details with a few samples so she can see what they would look like in her kitchen.
That's it for this week ....If your interested in Xmas gifts please shop early! Have a great week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Whats doing in my studio

Just finished two floorcloths and should be shipping this week and Octagon 7.5 in diameter
similar to the Red Paisley Octagon on my web site but with no Paisleys. Another 5x7 basic checkerboard matching the pale yellow walls of a client in VA. It must be Octagon month because I have 2 more to make after these go out......
I've just begun creating some new designs and will hopefully have them posted in the not too distant future. So, stay tuned...You have any thoughts on designs you'd like to see,please let me know!
Newsletter for the month is going out tomorrow if your not signed up please do ...I have some
savings coupons in it, anything helps these days!
I'm very thrilled to say we were written up in New England Home Mag. this month (Setp./Oct issue) by the Editor-in-chief himself Kyle Hoepner It's personal column pg 218 in case your looking! Thank You for the wonderful accolades Kyle!
Start thinking Holiday gift giving!!!!we'd love to help

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn in Vermont

Columbus day weekend is by far one of the busiest weekends in the State of Vermont....The foliage is at it's peak or very close to it. The restaurants and Inns are usually full to capacity. Stores have their annual tent sales and craft fairs are everywhere. It is the perfect time to visit Vermont and see all the wonderful artisians and their work, you can usually visit their studios if you call ahead...
Please, your more then welcome .... anytime, just call me and I'll give you directions. 802-874-7288...

At the moment you'd be able to see me finishing two large floorcloths a traditional black and pale yellow checkerboard pattern for a clients foyer in Virgina, we matched the pale yellow color exactly to her wall colors. I've also just finshed an Octagon with just the colors of the Paisley pattern clients have opted out of the design itself we again matched their wall colors so it blends nicely in their kitchen. When both of them are on their way we will be starting another Octagon with the Grapes and Ivy pattern using colors to match this clients kitchen also. So, if your in the area please stop by and check us out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What is a blog anyway?

I'm always reading other peoples blogs, like most of us do, I guess and wonder...well are they really personal notes or should they be business orientated. ...I presume, maybe I shouldn't that you'd like to hear about my floorcloths but then again maybe a little personal touch here and their would be a little more catching.......What are your thoughts on blogging?
The other thing about blogs is they DO spark my curiosity so I always click on someones blog but 9 times out of 10 the persons blog has not been written in since gosh knows when and I always think gosh why have a blog if your not going to use it........ I was pretty excited when I first started this blog...Well, you can see I have fallen completely into the realm I detest the most "why have a blog if your not going to use it"......Thus my new start and commitment to you my clients and friends to blogging once a week....I hope you help me stick to this schedule...Blog Back to hear from you!
Next week see ya then

Thursday, August 13, 2009

South Carolina

Trip to South Carolina with my diva girlfriends as we refer to ourselves was a really good time. We spent one day in Charleston touring the Historic French Quarter felt like I was in Europe! I loved it
I'll definitely be going back. Great plantation homes the perfect spot for a floorcloth...

We're just finishing up a Primitive style floorcloth with and old aged look and the border is filled
with twigs/berries /stars and crows 11x7.5 ft a lot of fun. Soon to be posted on my site.

We'll be in the next issue of New England Home magazine Sept/Oct. in the "It's Personal column by the editor....Kyle Hoepner.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Diva Reunion

Every Summer 5 girlfriends from High School and I gather together for a few days and just have a really GREAT time. Each year we travel to someplace different, this year were going to Pawleys Island S.C.. Where the first hammock was made, or so I'm told.....have to check that out. Our biggest priority's are talking, talking and more talking with a lot of laughing thrown in and a little or maybe a lot of chocolate.
This years trip will undoubtedly take us to Charleston for a day trip where we'll do one of the things we all do the best, shopping of course and eating! We'll definitely be touring some of the Old Plantation homes and I'm hoping to run into some floorcloths along the way. You never know where a new design idea will crop up or maybe even a new client. A vacation is always good to prime the creative juices....and my friends are definitely my largest support group, we all need that in our life.