Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The quality of a floorcloth......

Shopping for a floorcloth is really quite the same as shopping for an
appliance or furniture,curtains or even a car you look for one that's going to last
be durable and is something you really like.
Not ever floorcloth is made the same.
Important facts you should consider prior to buying a floorcloth would be:

What type of canvas and the quality of the canvas and if you can get a sample of it.
How the edges and corners of the floorcloth are finished... Sewn ? Glued ? Will they fray over time?
How the canvas is shrunk you don't want ripples. You want a smooth, laying flat on your floor,
Ever floorcloth maker has their own little techniques just like every chef makes bouillabaisse differently or whatever, it's their own unique style. It sets you apart from everyone else.

Remember the quality of the ingredients has a direct influence on the durability and life of your floorcloth. So, when you are shopping for a floorcloth don't let the price or the design be your only guide to buying it .
Quality ingredients =quality floorcloth and probably a tad bit more $...
Food for thought!

Ciao Cameron

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is Springing!

Sap season is in full swing in Vermont ....The snow is gradually melting we have 1-2 feet instead of 3-4 feet in the back yard. May see the ground very soon with the beautiful weather we have on tap this week....lots of vitamin D.

We finished this lovely "Allover Teardrop Design" on the left, in 3 different greens . It's finished size is 75 x 130. It's going in a kitchen in Maryland. Matching their granite counter tops perfectly.

Our next project is matching this lovely homes decor(photo on right)with a floorlcoth that will be an exact size to fit the corner under the table. Where in sample"mode" at the moment and am waiting their thoughts on some new pineapple designs.

Our next show is in Hartford Ct in April 23,24,25th The Historical Home Show at the Expo Center. It's a perfect opportunity to see our floorcloths!

Ciao Cameron